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Labor Optimization



Trying to do more with the same or fewer amount of people? I can help. HTM professionals today do so much more than just maintenance, but often their staff size is based only on device or bed count without looking at how people are spending their time at work. I can assist you in determining what people are working on, how productive they are compared to others on your team, and make recommendations on how your team can be more efficient to do more with the people you have. 


Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) Expertise

Most HTM and clinical equipment service organizations utilize a CMMS to track their clinical equipment inventory, maintenance work orders, and document regulatory compliance. This is a minimal requirement for all CMMS systems. However, since most HTM organizations today do so much more than just maintenance, your CMMS needs to do more, too.


Let me help optimize your CMMS to better manage your service contracts, staff, expenses, compliance, and equipment cybersecurity. I can also:

  • determine if your CMMS is meeting your current and future needs

  • assist with cleaning up your data and optimizing your CMMS

  • if needed, help you purchase and implement a new CMMS.


Strategic Planning & Performance Improvement


No matter how good your organization performs, there's always room for improvement, but most managers and leaders don't have the time to focus on performance improvement. Whether you're trying to cut costs or improve regulatory compliance, productivity, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, or some other performance metric, I can provide you an objective analysis of where you are today and help you get to where you want to be without adding the staff to do it.


Data Analytics to Improve Decision Making


You have a wealth of information within your organization. The hard part is sifting through it to identify the accurate and actionable data to help you make better operational and clinical decisions. I can do the work for you to enable you to use your data to make better decisions about staffing and workload balancing, service contracts vs. time-and-material, alternative equipment maintenance (AEM) justification, etc.


Clinical Equipment Capital Planning and Expense Management

Revenue is tight these days in most organizations, so proper planning and management of your clinical equipment replacement needs and expenses is critical. Let me help you set up an effective clinical equipment replacement prioritization plan utilizing your CMMS in order to easily keep your plan up-to-date. I can also help analyze your staff labor, service contracts, parts, and vendor labor expenses to identify cost savings opportunities that won't impact performance or satisfaction.


Sales & Marketing Strategy and Support


Whether you need help to elevate the status of your HTM department with your leadership and internal customers, or have a marketing or sales growth initiative that needs someone with HTM and healthcare expertise, I am uniquely qualified to assist. Let me help you:

  • develop effective communications, marketing, and/or sales strategies and business plans to raise awareness with your target audience and reach your growth goals

  • write announcements, articles, presentations, press releases, sales decks on your behalf

  • assist with RFP responses

  • provide training to marketing, sales, and customer support staff to enable them to best meet the needs of their HTM customers.



Think I Can Help?


Depending on the length and complexity of the consulting services you require, I offer both fixed fee and hourly rates. Contact me to discuss what services will benefit your organization and which fee options may be best for you.

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